Hidden Listening

Hidden Listening
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30 days long battery life GSM sound recorder bug with remote monitoring, voice activation & magnetic mounting

This advanced GSM SIM card based bugging device is packed full of features and will allow you to r..


Apple iPhone charger complete with GSM listening bug with text message alert

This iPhone charging style adapter will charge any USB based mobile phone but will also allow you t..


Credit card complete with built in sound recorder

This completely normal looking credit card includes a state of the art miniaturized voice recorder w..


Decoy book with advanced GSM bugging device and voice activated sound recorder

This decoy reading book includes an advanced GSM SIM card based bugging device is packed full of f..


GSM Listening device with SMS alert, sound recording and auto-send to e-mail

This GSM SIM card based bugging device will allow you to call the phone number of the SIM card from..


Hidden covert voice activated USB memory stick sound recorder

This USB memory stick has been designed to incorporate an advanced sound recorder which will automa..


Sound activated recorder with Wi-Fi and auto-send plus real-time listening

The device can be configured to automatically activate recording based on sound detection including ..


UK mains adapter complete with GSM bugging device and sound activated text message alert

This UK double mains adapter includes a GSM SIM card based bugging device which will allow you to c..