30 days long battery life GSM sound recorder bug with remote monitoring, voice activation & magnetic mounting

30 days long battery life GSM sound recorder bug with remote monitoring, voice activation & magnetic mounting

This advanced GSM SIM card based bugging device is packed full of features and will allow you to remotely monitor in real-time and record conversations at the location where the device has been placed. The unit is waterproof which allows you to have far greater flexibility to where you can locate the device.

The device has been designed to include high powered magnets making it ideal for vehicle / asset use and if removed, will automatically call a phone number allowing you to monitor the situation as it unfolds in real-time.

Using the devices intelligent sound detection feature, it can be configured to automatically record all conversations on its internal / removable SD memory card when sound is detected at the target location. These recordings are date and time stamped for evidence purposes and can be both remotely accessed or extracted directly from the removable SD memory card to a PC. The device can also automatically call you upon sound being detected.

All settings and perimeters can be set remotely using simple SMS text messages including the ability to set an active time window for which you will be alerted and for when automatic sound recording should take place. Low battery SMS text message alerts will also be sent to you allowing you to take preemptive action.

Features include:

  • Covert and waterproof design
  • Long life 30 days internal rechargeable battery
  • Low battery level SMS text message alert
  • Sound detection based recording with configurable level adjustment
  • Tamper / removal alert
  • Configurable active time window e.g. only active between 1pm and 5pm etc.
  • Recordings are time / date stamped for evidential proof purposes
  • Remote and real-time sound monitoring
  • Removable SD memory card allowing recordings to be extracted directly to a PC
  • Remotely accessible recordings / playback
  • High sensitivity sound pick-up microphone
  • Long recording time

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