Credit card complete with built in sound recorder

Credit card complete with built in sound recorder

This completely normal looking credit card includes a state of the art miniaturized voice recorder which will allow you to covertly record all sound activity at the target location without raising any suspicion.

Our credit card voice recorder includes sound activated recording allowing the unit to only begin recording as and when sound is detected and therefore conserving internal memory and battery life.

Recordings can also be initialized using a simple slide of your finger across the card and therefore does not have any visible switches which makes the device very much more covert.

All recordings are data and time stamped for the purpose of evidence / proof and are also password protected in case of loss / security.

We can also provide this card with your own name and details printed on the front. If this custom design is required then please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Features include:

  • Unique covert design
  • Long battery life of up to 34 hours in continuous recording mode of which can be drastically increased when using sound activation mode
  • 6 weeks battery life when in standby mode
  • No visible switches
  • Configuration software allowing all aspects of the device to be modified
  • Data and time stamped recordings with password protection
  • Optional custom design of credit card

Please note that this is not a product of any known banking institute and that UK Spy Equipment is not affiliated with any banking institute in any way whatsoever. This is simply used as an example image of a debit card. Also note that this card will not work as an actual debit or credit card.

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