Apple iPhone 6 / s mobile case with in-built WiFi camera and recorder

Apple iPhone 6 / s mobile case with in-built WiFi camera and recorder

This innocent looking iPhone case has many unique features including an in-built high quality HD capable hidden camera and a superb covert microphone providing excellent audio and video.

The case is cable of storing all recordings onto its removable micro SD memory card with a maximum compatible size of 64Gb.

This solution not only allows you to store video recordings but will also allow you to take snap-shot images as and when required.

Recordings / snap-shots can be initiated either manually or automatically - based on motion detection.

Another superb function that we have added to this unit, is Wi-Fi! Meaning that you can also use the unit remotely / in real-time using an iPhone or Android based smart phone.

Please note that we also have an optional GSM / 3G / 4G connectivity module for our unit. This is ideal for situations where you either may not have access to the router at the target location or if you don't know the routers wireless password or if there is no router at all at the target location.

The case has its own internal re-chargeable battery which can provide up to 2 hours operating time.

Features include:

  • Compatible with iPhone 6 /s phone models
  • Unique covert low profile design
  • Internal re-chargeable battery - providing up to 2 hours operating time
  • In-built WiFi functionality allowing real-time monitoring - using either another iPhone or Android smart phone
  • Manually initiated video recording and snap-shot
  • Automatically initiated video recording and snap-shot based on motion detection
  • All recordings date and time stamped
  • All recordings stored onto removable micro SD memory card - maximum size of 64Gb
  • Optional 3G / 4G mobile WiFi module - for areas where access to a local WiFi network is not possible - please see options above

Please Note: This iPhone Case can not actually power an iPhone. 

iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc. This product is not made by Apple and UK Spy Equipment is not affiliated with Apple in any way.

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