Paper work storage folder style binder book complete with hidden covert camera

New Paper work storage folder style binder book complete with hidden covert camera

Within this binder folder style book, we have installed a hidden covert camera, microphone and feature rich recorder. This means that it will allow you to discreetly record all activity from where the book is located.

Recording can be either configured to continuously record or record only when motion is detected. And all recordings are date and time stamped which is a great advantage if the recordings are required for evidence / proof of a particular incident.

The recordings themselves are stored on a removable micro SD memory card. This allows you to easily view and extract the recordings for forwarding to a 3rd party if required.

We have designed this solution to be internally battery powered, making it easily portable and quickly deploy-able as and when required. When fully charged, the battery can last up to 2 years (if no motion is detected) and up to 10 hours on continuous recording.

Another great feature of our design is that it also includes nigh vision, meaning that if it used in dark room, then it will still be able to record the activity.

As an optional extra, we can also provide an external wireless battery powered sensor. This has the capability of allowing you to strategically place the sensor away from the book and when the sensor detects activity, it will immediately send an alert to the book in order to initiate recording! If this is of interest then please optional items above. If you require any further information regarding this feature then please do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Features include: 

  • Completely hidden camera and microphone
  • High quality in-built recording module
  • Recordings can be initiated to be either continuous or based on motion being detected
  • All recordings are date and time stamped - for evidence / proof purposes
  • All recordings are stored onto a removable micro SD memory card - allow user friendly extraction and forwarding to a 3rd party if required
  • Internal / in-built rechargeable battery - with superb battery management and saving technology
  • Night vision capable
  • Optional wireless sensors - increasing detection coverage and range

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