Professional covert jammer for sound bugging devices and recorders

Professional covert jammer for sound bugging devices and recorders

This inconspicuous business brief case includes an advanced audio jamming system and when in operation, will cause any sound recording or real-time monitoring device to become deaf and thus useless.

Unlike similar solutions, our design does not emit any audible white noise and hence allows it to be used covertly in any meeting environment without disturbance.

This solution will make 99% of hidden audio bugging devices including mobile phone sim based bugs, mobile phones, digital voice recorders, analogue voice recorders, digital camera microphones useless within a range of approximately 4 meters.

The systems on and off operation is accomplished wirelessly using the provide key ring remote control.

Please note that our solution is not based in any way on radio frequency jamming and does not use RF transmission,

Features include:

  • Fully covert design
  • Silent while operating
  • Long battery life
  • Up to 4 meters operational radius
  • Will disable recording and monitoring of 99% of devices
  • Remotely controllable using provided key fob
  • Non RF based jamming

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