Listening Device Desktop Jammer

New Listening Device Desktop Jammer

If you're worried about the risks of having had a listening / recording device having been placed within your meeting room, then look no further. We have designed this unique solution to help combat / nullify the types of equipment of which use a microphone in order to listen or record your conversations.

It is important to note that our unit does not utilize RF (radio frequency) based jamming and thus can be used without the need for a license. This system instead uses our proprietary (patent pending) non RF jamming smart technology.

Unlike other devices of which use loud white noise generation, our unit operates in complete silence! Sounds to good to be true? Well it is true!

The range that this device is effective can be up to to an impressive 10m (meters), and due to our clever design, the unit can provide this range 360 degrees around where the device has been located.

This unit is mains powered to allow prolonged uninterrupted use, however we also provide a cigar lighter compatible DC power adapter which will allow you to use the device while on the move i.e. within your vehicle for situation where you may be mobile.

With regards to operating the unit; the user simply places the unit at the desired location, connects to a power source followed switching the unit on. Making it an extremely user friendly / plug n play solution.

Features include:

  • Completely silent when enabled
  • Mains powered with additional vehicle adapter allowing uninterrupted use
  • Up to 10m 360 degrees effective range
  • Proprietary non RF based jamming
  • User friendly and simple to use
  • Robust high quality design

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