iPhone Style Charging Docking Station with hidden secret Camera

New iPhone Style Charging Docking Station with hidden secret Camera

This iPhone style charging cradle incorporates a hidden covert high definition (HD) camera and an in-built video / audio recorder.

The unit is powered using the supplied mains power adapter, allowing it to be used as a fully working iPhone charger but not only that, you will be able to record activity 24/7 without having to worry about changing and charging batteries.

Our design includes a removable micro SD memory card on which all recordings are stored (including a date and time stamp). This means that you will be able to easily extract and view the recordings but it will also allow you to forward these to a 3rd party for evidence / proof if required.

We have designed our solution to allow you to record continuously or record only when motion is detected, or even take a single photographic snap shot.

Features include:

  • In-built hidden camera and microphone
  • In-built high quality audio / video recorder
  • Motion, continuous or snap shot recording
  • Fully working phone charger
  • Mains powered allowing it to operate 24 hours - without worrying about changing or charging batteries
  • All recordings are date and time stamped
  • Removable micro SD memory card allowing you to easily view / forward the recordings as evidence / proof 

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  • Product Code: UKSE-IPD-356
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  • £85.00