Desk study lamp with Wi-Fi based hidden camera

Desk study lamp with Wi-Fi based hidden camera

This study desk lamp has been designed to include a Wi-Fi based hidden camera which can be remotely accessed from just about anywhere in the world using a smart phone and / or PC.

This solution is quick and easy to setup and is compatible with all Wi-Fi hotspots and routers.

The unit can be configured to automatically record all video and also send an alert e-mail upon motion being detected.

All options can be remotely configured including the ability to enable / disable the actual lamp.

If the ambient light level at the target location becomes low or there is complete darkness, then the camera will automatically enable night vision mode allowing you to continue monitoring / recording activity at the location.

Please note that we also have an optional GSM / 3G connectivity module for our unit. This is ideal for situations where you either may not have access to the router at the target location or if you don't know the routers wireless password or if there is no router at all at the target location.

Features include:

  • Covert design
  • Remotely configurable
  • Quick and easy to setup
  • Night vision capable
  • E-mail
  • Recording onto internal / removable memory card
  • Remotely accessible recordings
  • Recordings are date and time stamped for evidential proof purposes
  • Perfect for home and office security / surveillance
  • Optional 3G / 4G mobile WiFi module - for areas where access to a local WiFi network is not possible - please see options above in order to purchase

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