Pure digital DAB radio with Wi-Fi based hidden camera and optional night vision

Pure digital DAB radio with Wi-Fi based hidden camera and optional night vision

This Pure DAB radio has an in-built completely covert internet based covert hidden Camera which offers absolutely superb Video and Audio quality.

The initial setup is completed in several extremely easy and straight forward steps basically consisting of connecting the Pure DAB radio to your router via the supplied cable, installing the software on your PC and then entering your Wi-Fi network name and associated password. After that is complete you can then disconnect it from your router and place the Pure DAB radio at the location where you would like to monitor - within reach of your Wi-Fi signal. 

Our Pure DAB radio Hidden Camera can be accessed from anywhere in the world via both PC and mobile phone. We have mobile phone access software available for smart phone based operating systems.  

The PC based software has many cutting edge features such as scheduled recording based on the days of the week and associated start / end time(s). Motion detection can also be enabled and associated to a schedule, and if motion is detected then the Pure DAB radio will automatically send you an e-mail and will include a picture as an attachment with date and time stamp. You can then access the Hidden Camera remotely to view the activity in real-time and / or record what is happening directly to your mobile phone or PC.  

This system really has to be seen to be believed and is one of the most advanced systems on the market for video quality and ease of use. If required we can also provide a live demo so that you can see for yourself how good it actually is.    

Please note that we also have an optional GSM / 3G / 4G connectivity module for our unit. This is ideal for situations where you either may not have access to the router at the target location or if you don't know the routers wireless password or if there is no router at all at the target location. If this is of interest then please contact us.

Due to the fact that we are the manufacturer of this particular solution, then please inquire about any other custom solutions for this technology that you may have. And if you find this same system at a lower cost then send us the link / details and we will offer a lower price.

Another option which may be of interest is our night vision option. This option is available in many different and current covert designs / housings - AND, does not show any glow or light which is apparent with the competitors.

Features include:

  • Unlike many suppliers of similar systems our system does not require any confusing router setup, or port forwarding etc.
  • Fully working Pure DAB Radio complete with in-built high resolution Hidden Camera
  • Optional  night vision / night viewing  option, please please options above
  • Remotely accessible from anywhere in the world in real-time - via mobile phone and / or PC
  • Extremely easy to setup using plug and play technology - no special IT skills required
  • Remotely configurable
  • Future proof technology allowing multiple cameras to be monitored if required
  • Scheduled recording capability based on days of week and start / end time
  • Motion detection recording capability - can also be based on a schedule
  • Motion detection e-mail alert with adjustable sensitivity
  • Long recording capability - inbuilt 32 GB internal memory!
  • All recordings are date and time stamped
  • Audio / Video Surveillance recording capability - including real-time at anytime
  • High resolution camera module – HD specification
  • Automatically adjusts audio and video quality depending on available mobile phone data transfer speed which can also be adjusted manually
  • Completely free to access - no ongoing charges - unless using mobile phone (SIM card) to remotely access
  • Ideal for Nanny cam and care home situations in order to keep an eye on your loved ones
  • Optional 3G / 4G mobile WiFi module - for areas where access to a local WiFi network is not possible - please see options above

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