Smoke alarm with camera / sound recorder and GSM remote monitoring

Smoke alarm with camera / sound recorder and GSM remote monitoring

This decoy smoke alarm has been designed to include an advanced real-time GSM SIM card based camera which can be accessed from anywhere in the world using your mobile phone.

The unit has many features such as being able to alert you using an SMS text message, a 3G video call or a normal call whenever any sound is detected at the target location. You also have the capability to call the smoke alarm at any time in order to monitor the location in real-time.

The system can be configured to automatically record the target location on to its internal memory and then send these recordings as an e-mail attachment allowing you to have a history record of any activity that is taking place. You can also send an SMS / text message in order to tell the unit to either take a photograph or start recording a video followed by sending it to your e-mail address.

All settings can be remotely configured using simple SMS text message commands.

Should you have an alternative smoke alarm model in mind then please do not hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your requirement in more detail.

Features include

  • Covert design
  • In-built memory card
  • Date and time stamped recordings for evidential proof purposes
  • Sound detection SMS text message and call alert to any phone number
  • Auto activity recording
  • Auto sending of recordings to an e-mail address
  • Photo snap shot and video recording request using a simple SMS text message command
  • Real-time monitoring via a 3G video call from your smart phone and / or a normal phone call from any phone
  • High sensitivity sound detection and pick-up microphone
  • All settings are remotely configured using simple SMS text message commands from any mobile phone
  • Externally mains powered for prolonged usage using supplied mains power adapter

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  • Product Code: UKSE-SGR-088
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