Covert waterproof vehicle / asset GPS tracking device

Covert waterproof vehicle / asset GPS tracking device

This covert GPS tracking device be either hidden within a vehicles glove compartment, under the seat or magnetically mounted to the bottom of the target vehicle in order to accurately and discreetly track its movements and current location in real-time via the web or your mobile phone.

The unit will automatically send its live GPS position using GPRS to our advanced online Tracking web-server (see link below), allowing you to view its journey and current position in real-time, and you will also be able to generate a drive report of which will provide you with any reported historical information, between a specific start / end – date and time.

Some other great features of this GPS Tracker include the facility of you actually being able to call the units associated mobile number and request its current location both via SMS / text message and via a generated synthesised voice, where it can both send you a text message and / or tell you its current location. This will include the street name, number and location anywhere in Europe.

This advanced GPS Tracking Device is built within a rugged waterproof case complete with an extremely powerful magnet for easy and quick deployment.

Features include:

  • Covert waterproof and ruggedly designed solution
  • Live Tracking using the our tracking website which  includes historical reports and aerial photography mapping with street names
  • Live Tracking using a simple SMS text  message command where the device will reply with devices current  street name and number
  • Configurable position report which can be based on every xx minutes, and / or every day at a pre-determined time such as 3pm on a Mon, Tue or Sat etc.
  • Low battery  SMS text message alert
  • Geographical area SMS test message alert
  • Position request using a SMS text message command which will provide a Google Map link direct to mobile phone screen
  • In-built journey / position logging of which can be downloaded directly to PC for playback using Google Earth
  • In-built high sensitivity GPS Receiver – designed for under vehicle use
  • Internal flash storage memory for areas where GSM / GPRS may not be available thus still allowing the position to be retained for later upload to our tracking web-server
  • High capacity battery providing up to 30 days standby time
  • In-built motion sensor providing extended battery life
  • Optional hardwire / permanent power cable for extended and prolonged use
  • Ability to call the devices mobile SIM card phone number and request the location on a normal voice call using its in-built digital voice synthesiser

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