Magnetically mounted waterproof covert vehicle / asset GPS tracker with sound monitoring

Magnetically mounted waterproof covert vehicle / asset GPS tracker with sound monitoring

This covert surveillance GPS tracking device is capable of being mounted onto any metal surface using its powerful mounting magnets however the device can obviously be placed at any location of your choosing and will allow you to monitor the devices location and its surrounding sound in real-time using both our bespoke website control panel and / or your smart phone. 

The device uses a GSM mobile phone SIM card in order to send its real-time location and status information to our web site based control panel and can also be remotely configured using SMS text messages, which will allow you to have control over all aspects of the unit. 

We have designed this device to include as many cutting edge features as possible which are not available on any other device or system; these include an intelligent removal detector which means that if the device is ever removed from its original magnetically mounted location, the device will send you an SMS text message informing you that there is a tamper situation. 

Our device is able to alert you when the device starts to move i.e. the journey start, and is also capable of calling you which will allow you to listen in on the surrounding sound. A movement detection time window can also be set e.g. only alert you between 1pm and 5pm etc. If the device is located within the vehicle then you will be able to monitor the conversations within the vehicle and if mounted outside the vehicle, you will be able to monitor any conversations prior to the target(s) entering the vehicle. 

The website control panel will automatically store all received location information in real-time which means that you will be able to follow your target while they are on the move but also replay all historical journey data within any given date / time range e.g. where was the device between 3pm and 9:27pm last Tuesday etc. 

Our tracking website provides very detailed information which includes the street name, number, speed, start / stop time and will also provide you with an aerial photography / imaging satellite view of the device location. 

At any time you also have the ability to send the unit a simple SMS text message command in order to request its current status including battery level and even its current location, which will include the actual location. 

The battery life is very impressive and depending on your desired configuration can provide several months of monitoring. 

Features include:

  • Waterproof and covert design
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver
  • Powerful magnets
  • Long life rechargeable battery
  • In-built high sensitivity microphone for remote monitoring of conversations
  • Low battery SMS text message alert
  • Device movement SMS text message alert
  • Web based live tracking using aerial photography mapping including street names and number. Historical device location reports and also be generated
  • Location request via SMS text message and includes map view and street name / location
  • Remotely configurable using SMS text messages
  • Configurable scheduler which when active will allow device to only send you movement alerts between a specific time window e.g. 1pm to 5pm etc.

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