Hidden Door Bell Movement Alert Live Spy Camera

Hidden Door Bell Movement Alert Live Spy Camera

We have custom designed this unique home security door bell to include a state of the art WiFi compatible hidden camera. This door bell is unlike others and will actually send you an instant alert direct to your smart mobile phone upon it detecting movement near to your door, but not only that; it will also allow you to remotely view and monitor the activity in real-time direct to your mobile phone and listen and you will also be able to remotely record the detected activity direct to your smart phone. If required you will also be able to have real-time 2-way communication with the person(s) whom have been detected, of which will give them the impression that your actually at home!

This solution includes a removable 8Gb micro SD flash memory card and of which will record all (date / time stamped) detected activity onto this removable memory card. This is perfect for situations where you / your mobile phone may be out of mobile signal coverage, allowing you to retrieve / remove the memory card and view (or forward) the recorded video(s) as evidence of an incident.

What makes our solution so unique is that the door bell is battery powered, meaning that it is extremely simple and quick to install. The included rechargeable batteries have an impressive endurance life of up to 8 months!

We can also provide our WiFi camera door bell with an optional external / wireless battery powered movement sensor. This means that you have the capability of strategically placing this sensor at the beginning of your driveway which would allow you to detect activity prior to the person or person's coming near your door - where the main door bell is located. If this is of interest then please see our above optional extras, or if you require further information regarding this add-on, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you don't have access to a WiFi hot-spot near the installed WiFi door bell location then do not worry, as we have a mobile SIM card based WiFi access point. If this is required then please see above optional extra's. And if you require further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Features include:

  • Battery powered and easy to install
  • Long battery life
  • In-built hidden camera of which can provide superb video quality - recording and remote viewing
  • Operates as a normal door bell - using normal button press
  • In-built motion detection with day / night modes - meaning that you are able to configure the detection for either day or night - or both
  • Real-time alerts direct to your mobile smart phone
  • Remote recording direct to your mobile phone's memory
  • Local recording direct to the WiFi camera's internal / removable micro SD memory card - up to an impressive maximum capacity of 32Gb.
  • All recordings date and time stamped for evidence purposes
  • Remote 2-way communication between your smart mobile phone app and the WiFi door bell - allowing you to have a direct conversation with the potential intruder
  • Easy to setup and is compatible with all WiFi access points / networks
  • Optional wireless battery powered movement sensor - in order to increase movement detection coverage area (patent pending)
  • Optional mobile WiFi access point - allowing you to install our solution to a property where there is no static WiFi access
  • Mobile smart application is compatible with iOS (Apple) and Android based mobile phones

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