Outdoor electrical junction box with Wi-Fi based hidden camera

Outdoor electrical junction box with Wi-Fi based hidden camera

This junction box includes an in-built WiFi camera and once paired with a local WiFi hot-spot or home router, will allow you to monitor the target location from anywhere in the world either using a mobile phone or PC. 

The system offers movement detection recordings including e-mail alerts (with detected snap shot image). This movement detection recording can also be configured as a schedule e.g. active only between 1pm and 5pm etc. 

Setup is extremely easy and does not require any complicated hot-spot or router setup and can be accomplished in minutes. 

This system includes an internal battery which can be provide up to 40 hours of operation however a mains adapter is also provided allowing the possibility of un-interrupted use.

Our optional long life activator is available for this unit. This will allow the camera to stay in standby mode and wake-up upon movement detection. An activation schedule can also be set e.g. only allow camera to operate between 1pm and 5pm etc. Upon activation, this module will also send you an SMS text message alert. If this is of interest then please see here for further information. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding further information about this innovative add-on.

Please note that we also have an optional GSM / 3G connectivity module for our unit. This is ideal for situations where you either may not have access to the router at the target location or if you don't know the routers wireless password or if there is no router at all at the target location. If this is of interest then please contact us.

If you have an alternative electrical junction box in mind then please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirement further.

Features include:

  • Waterproof
  • Accessible from anywhere in the world using either a PC or smart phone
  • Recordings are stored on a supplied removable SD memory card and of which are date / time stamped for evidential proof
  • Movement detection recording capability with optional preset  active time scheduler
  • Long battery back-up life with external mains power capability
  • Ideal for gardens, sheds, garages, villas etc.
  • Extremely easy and quick to setup
  • Optional long life battery activator with SMS text message wake-up alert with wireless based activity detectors, hence making the overall design more covert
  • Optional 3G / 4G mobile WiFi module - for areas where access to a local WiFi network is not possible - please see options above in order to purchase
  • Optional external power supply cable of which will allow prolonged uninterrupted use - please see options above in order to purchase

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