Spy Equipment Advice

As an individual or business, you have a right to a safe environment and well-being of your loved ones to ensure that you and they feel protected. This includes in the home and work places. You also have a right to monitor your home property, valuables and ensure overall your overall security.  

As a business owner you have the above rights and you also have the right to know that your employee or employees are conducting themselves in an appropriate manner within your company which is in line with your goals and aspirations. 

You have a right to a peace of mind of living a law abiding life. UK Spy Equipment take pride in our approach and on how we deal with (where there sometimes maybe) sensitive matters because we actually do listen to our customers and advise them / you accordingly.

UK Spy Equipment are completely unbiased and we try to ensure that any advice which is given is given to to the best of our knowledge and that any product supplied by UK Spy Equipment, is recommended based on the situation of which you present us with. We are not sales people who are out to make a quick buck - we are true engineers whom can provide a true solution.
The list below is not limited to the problems that some people may face in their lives however this list does provide many example situations faced by real people in the real world.

The use of our UK Spy Equipment is one the most versatile and discreet ways to obtain solid evidence and really does help bring a conclusion to a sometimes difficult situation.

UK Spy Equipment do not provide "pie in the sky" / useless equipment - UK Spy Equipment provides serious equipment for serious situations to ensure serious results for the following examples:

  • Is my other half having an affair? Really need to know because it is affecting my life
  • I really trust my employee / employees but I have my suspicions
  • I have told my van driver / sales person to always use the most economical routes however they always change and it costs me money. Why is this?
  • My children have now got to an age where they are using social media and I am concerned that they will get into trouble and I need assurance
  • Are my children being abused at their school by their fellow class mates?
  • I may be paranoid but I think I am being followed
  • I have problems with my neighbors but I cant get any proof
  • Sometimes when I wake-up and go to work and see that my car has been vandalized overnight. Who is doing this and can you help me determine who this is?
  • When I return from a holiday, my property has been damaged and when I ask anyone; they have not see anything. What is solution?
  • I have had a business partner for many years. But until recently, I have noticed inconsistencies in our accounts. How can I prove this or gather more information?
  • Nobody believes me, but my partner whom I have been in a relationship for 8 years has been mentally and physically abusing me. I really need proof of this. Can you help to prove this?
  • Lke anyone; myself and my family go shopping or a regular basis. The problem is that we frequently experience shop lifters but there is no proof to inform the management. What can I do to help?
  • Myself and my ex-partner have split-up and I do not see my child / children often. When I do have access, my child asks me negative questions and shows negativity towards me. What can I do to prove that this comes from my ex-partner?
  • Recently I have been answering my home phone and upon picking up my phone; I have had so much abuse. Can I get proof that this is happening in order to show the Police this evidence?
  • I own a farm and as such have purchased very expensive farming equipment including insurance for the said equipment. Is there a battery powered device that I can use to track my equipment (if stolen) and also watch the barn where they are located, and get alert of any suspicious activity?
  • I need to protect my farm houses and other "out the way" locations - where there is no mains power. Can I still keep an eye in this area and get an alert?
  • I appear to be different from others in my place of work and don't fit in with the "crowd", and am now been victimized. How do I get proof of this?
  • I may be paranoid but I think my home and office is bugged. What can I do in a situation like this?
  • Sometimes I receive calls on my mobile phone and also receive text messages which are abusive. Can I record these and send the associated details to an e-mail address in order to have evidence and proof?

Whatever your concerns or problems, we know that we can help and support you due to our huge wealth of experience.

Please do not hesitate to call our office on +44(0)191 645 7007 or send us an e-mail at: info@ukspyequipment.com.

Again, please be assured that when you contact UK Spy Equipment; we will provide you with the recommendation(s) in order to help you remedy your situation. As mentioned previously, we are not sales people, we are only engineers with a vast technical experience whom are willing to help and provide dedicated assistance and advice.