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Telephone Interception > Advanced GSM based IMEI / IMSI Catcher System

Advanced GSM based IMEI / IMSI Catcher System
Currently viewing: Advanced GSM based IMEI / IMSI Catcher System from UK Spy Equipment
Product ID: 00052

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  Advanced GSM based IMEI / IMSI Catcher System
This unit is a discreet, portable IMSI/IMEI catcher designed to:
  • Catch mobile phone identities (IMSI / IMEI)
  • Alert the user when a target is found
  • Localize an interesting target
  • Block if needed any incoming or outgoing call(s)
  • Grab all pertinent information broadcasted by the BTS

Features include:

BTS data collection

ThisIMSI Catcher scans the GSM radio environment and records all parameters broadcasted by the existing cell sites. Next the catcher will automatically select pertinent parameters and mimic one or more existing cells in order to attach to present mobile phones. Parameters and output power are carefully determined, depending on the mission type, in order to make the catcher quite undetectable.

All data is recorded with a timestamp and GPS position which are then reusable for later mission(s).

IMSI/IMEI extraction

The catcher mimics one or more cells allowing it to be able to collect mobile phone IMSI/IMEI identities. The catcher alerts the user if a searched target is found and provides the type of mobile phone and the GSM Network operator name.

Once the target is detected, the user can then decide on the next action such as: localizing the target, ringing the target and blocking incoming and outgoing calls (of selected targets).

Please note that it is also possible to export / import all recorded data.

The GUI user interface has been designed to change the various modes, depending on the user’s requirement and technical background. The two modes offered are:
  • A “push button” mode with fully automatic operation
  • A manual mode where the user is able to configure all parameters

An ultra-portable PC (UMPC) with an embedded GPS is used for loading the software, for setting mission parameters and for analysing mission results. The UMPC is connected to the box either using a wired Ethernet link or a wireless WIFI link. In addition to the standard interface it is also possible to control the catcher using two types of remote control:

  • A wired vibrating remote control
  • A Wireless Remote Control - based on a Smartphone Application

If using the Smartphone, the user can monitor the mission and can also be remotely alerted when a target is found. In a critical situation it is also possible to immediately erase all recorded data.

  • Frequency range: GSM– EGSM– DCS – PCS
  • Dimensions: 25 x 20 x 15 cm incl. battery pack
  • Working position: standing up (back-bag) or lying (small suitcase). Runs silently (fan less)
  • Weight: 5 kg including the battery pack
  • Power consumption: 45 W with 3 W on RF output
  • Power supply: (110VAC/220VAC 50Hz. – 60Hz.), from a 12V car plug, from its own internal battery with an usage time of 50 minutes, from an external battery with a usage time of 1h30). A low-battery alarm warns the user, allowing the opportunity to change the battery without interrupting the mission.
  • Sensitivity: -104 dBm
  • Output power: 3W
  • Operational distance: up to 400m in countryside environment
  • Operational temperature range: 0°C - 40°C. (Ventilated environment)
Please note that this product is restricted to Law Enforcement and Government bodies only and thus limited advertised information is available.
Should you require any further information then please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our Price: £ CALL

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0 Star Rating Ideal equipment for locating stolen handsets (mobile stations). Read full review >>
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