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Covert Light Bulb providing invisible light for hidden cameras

Covert Light Bulb providing invisible light for hidden cameras

This bulb can be used as a replacement for an existing light bulb where you intend to use a hidden camera that is capable of night vision. This bulb will automatically enable an invisible light illumination at the target location allowing you to view the location in complete darkness. Due to the bulb emitting an invisible light, nobody at the target location (such as a burglar etc) will be able to see the light however the camera will.

Please contact us prior to purchase in order to confirm that your camera is compatible. Do not worry, we will have a solution if it is not.

Features includes:

  • Completely covert and undetectable design
  • Can be used as replacement bulb for existing normal light bulbs
  • Automatically switches on when light level falls below a threshold - when its dark
  • Emits invisible light which is detectable by night vision capable cameras

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  • Product Code: UKSE-NVB-271
  • Availability: In Stock
  • £85.00