Outdoor Battery Powered Auto Invisible Light emitting Lamp with optional wireless movement alert

Outdoor Battery Powered Auto Invisible Light emitting Lamp with optional wireless movement alert

This waterproof outdoor battery powered lamp can be used where you intend to use a hidden camera that is capable of night vision. This device will automatically enable an invisible light illumination at the target location allowing you to view / record the location in complete darkness. This unit also has an in-built PIR movement sensor which will activate the light upon movement being detected this saving power.

Due to the bulb emitting an "invisible light", nobody at the target location (such as a burglar or intruder etc) will be able to see the light - however the camera will. Please note that some cameras may not be susceptible to this light, therefore it is recommended that you contact us prior to purchase. We will then confirm if your existing camera is compatible. If we find that it is not; then we will provide support in order to remedy the situation. Do not worry, we will not be asking you to purchase a new camera.

Features includes:

  • Waterproof
  • Battery powered
  • In-built PIR movement detector which is used to activate the lamp when required in order to conserve battery power
  • Emits an invisible light which is only detectable by night vision capable cameras (please contact UKSE to confirm compatibility with you current hidden camera

Options include:

  • Movement detection (including illumination), but with the added extra feature of a "wireless signal alert" transmission in order to remotely power-up & control the power to your remote equipment using our GSM Remote Control Switch. This alternative option can be purchased above. However please note that if using this option; you must also purchase our GSM remote control switch module. Please contact us prior to purchasing this option in order to allow us to explain on how to implement it with your potential requirement

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