Long distance viewing scope with complete darkness vision and recording

Long distance viewing scope with complete darkness vision and recording

This viewing scope features the very latest in remote real-time viewing technology which will also allow you to monitor and record the targets activity in complete darkness.

Our solution is perfect for situations where you may not or it may be difficult to have local access to the target location in order to install alternative close range covert camera equipment.

What makes this product different from similar equipment on the market, is the long distance range, no illumination emitted from the scope and the advantage of being able to record directly on to its removable SD card with date and time stamping of each recording for evidential proof purposes.

When looking through this specialised viewing scope, you will be able to able to see clearly in darkness and determine if the target is either a vehicle at a distance of 600 meters away, or person at a distance of 400 meters and you will be able to read a vehicles registration plate at a distance of 200 meters and identify a persons face at a distance of 150 meters.

The scope also features an in-built LCD display which allows the user to view a summary of recorded footage.

Please note that we have various configurations of this solution which can provide a higher specification. If you have a particular requirement then please contact us for further information.

Features include:

  • Highly portable and compact design
  • Complete darkness target observation
  • Long range
  • Servo motor zoom adjustment
  • Built-in LCD for image preview
  • Recording onto removable SD card
  • Adjustable target light enhancement

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