Overt / non hidden Sun Powered Wireless WiFi Security Camera

Overt / non hidden Sun Powered Wireless WiFi Security Camera

If you are looking for a home security CCTV camera system which is easy and quick to install, is user friendly to setup and requires minimum ongoing maintenance then this is truly the solution for you.

We have designed this particular camera with all of the above advantages and features but... more. What makes this camera different from potential competitors, is the above.

When you purchase this camera; you simply have to:

  1. Initially charge the camera's internal rechargeable battery - using the included mains charger
  2. Configure the camera to a WiFi network (access point)
  3. Mount / install the camera on a wall or a location where it can connect to the previously configured WiFi network (usually and approximately up to 50 meters from access point)

After you have accomplished the above, you will be able to access the camera remotely from anywhere in world - via your smart mobile phone (iOS and Android compatible), and view it in real-time!

Our camera has an internal (pre-installed) rechargeable battery, but after initial charging - this battery is further charged by the Sun.

Yes, this camera is not hidden or covert however there are many situations where you may actually require a visible presence that your property is being protected in order to thwart and dissuade potential intruders. And how better can you do this, other than using our easy to setup advanced CCTV camera?

Our easily deployable camera is able to send you an instant alert direct to your smart mobile phone app upon any movement having been detected. You will then be able to remotely access our camera from anywhere in the world in order to view the activity in real-time. Not only that, but you will also be able to remotely record any detected activity direct to your smart mobile phone via our free app.

This camera includes an internal micro SD memory card, meaning that it will internally record all detected activity onto this. And how do access these recordings? Well simply connect to the camera via your smart mobile phone app and then select and view the recordings of interest.

With regards to movement detection and why would you want a camera to be detecting movement all day. Don't worry, UKSE has developed a "schedule feature". And if configured; will allow you to set / configure when the camera should alert you and record videos.

In an event such as the camera's internal battery falling below a safe level / threshold e.g. at times where there is extreme movement (frequent recording) or less than average sunlight; it will send you an alert direct to your smart phone.

If you do not have access to a "local" WiFi access point or network, then don't worry. We have an optional battery powered mobile (SIM card based) WiFi hot-spot. This will allow you to provide our camera with a WiFi connection. Please see our purchase options above. If you require any further clarification or assistance regarding this option, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Features include:

  • Easy to install including a user friendly setup
  • Battery charging using the Sun
  • WiFi connectivity - allowing real-time remote access / live viewing from anywhere in the world (via your mobile phone)
  • Motion based detect / recording and associated real-time alerts direct to your mobile phone
  • Remote access to recording from your smart mobile phone - PLUS recording of real-time / live video direct to your smart phone's memory
  • All recordings are date and time stamped for evidence and proof purposes

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