Long Battery Life Waterproof Magnetic Under Vehicle GPS Tracker

Long Battery Life Waterproof Magnetic Under Vehicle GPS Tracker

We have developed this advanced covert GPS asset tracking device in-house and as such, have designed it to include the very best in electronic components providing second to none performance.

This GPS tracker uses a highly sensitive GPS receiver which will allow it to establish its location in the most hostile and difficult environments where other GPS tracking device will find it impossible to obtain a GPS fix. This includes in the boot / trunk / glove compartment / under the seat or even under the vehicle or asset itself using the devices in-built magnets.

This battery powered unit is a perfect mobile asset GPS tracking device for:

  • Caravans
  • Construction Equipment
  • Plant Equipment
  • Farming Equipment
  • Motorcycles
  • Boats
  • Quad bikes
  • Vehicle surveillance - for providing additional security of your loved ones in situations whereby they be driving a friends / hire vehicle

The unit is completely waterproof thus allowing a greater number of options of where the device can be located or mounted. The waterproof casing has been purposely designed and is not simply a piece of heat shrink plastic tubing wrapped around the sensitive electronics.

We have designed the plastic enclosure to have mounting holes whereby if the device is to be located on the plastic underside of modern vehicles; these holes can facilitate the mounting with simple cable ties. The device also includes in-built high powered magnets allowing it be easily mounted onto a metal surface.

The unit is powered by AA size batteries and depending on the configuration; the device can provide up to 3 years running time based on one update per day. If real-time tracking is required then batteries can provide tracking for up to 8 weeks tracking capability. The advantage of being able to use AA size batteries as oppose to using a device with some obscure in-built battery which you will not be able to easily replace, is that with this you can actually easily replace them with ease.

This advanced GPS tracking device uses a GSM mobile phone network SIM card in order to communicate its location data to our secure web server. Any SIM card maybe used with the device allowing you to choose the network that you feel comfortable with in terms of network coverage.

One of the unique features of this device (not including its advanced power saving) is that if the device loses GSM network coverage, it will continue to store its location history and once GSM connectivity has been re-established, the device will upload this historical data to the server. This is ideal for situations where the device may be travelling through areas or poor mobile phone coverage or if an illegal GSM jammer is being used to thwart the operation of the device.

All live and historical positional information (including status and battery level etc) can be viewed via your existing web site browser e.g. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari etc. The secure web server is also mobile friendly with smart phone internet browsers e.g. Iphone and Android etc.

The secure website includes many features including user generated reports, live tracking, e-mail and SMS notification alerts and geo-fence setup. Geo-fences are basically areas that can be drawn on the map and these areas can be configured to generate an alert notification if for example the device enters or leaves these areas.

Our tracking website includes aerial photography mapping and street name information.

If you would like a specific GSM network SIM card pre-installed within the device during purchase then please let us know and we will be happy to include this free of charge.

Regarding the devices mobile phone SIM card running costs; due to the efficient communications protocol that we have utilized, the running cost if using a Pay & Go SIM card is approximately 5 pounds per month.

Should you have any questions prior to purchase then please do not hesitate to contact us, this also includes after sales support.

Features include:

  • Extremely long battery life using smart power saving technology
  • Compact hand-held ergonomic design
  • Up to 3 years standby time (based on 2 updates per day)
  • Up to 8 weeks active tracking time
  • Can be mounted either using the in-build magnets or using the hole fixtures where cable ties or screws may be used
  • Completely water and shock proof via our robust enclosure (not cheap shrink wrap tubing)
  • SMS, e-mail and web-page (pop-up with sound) alerts based on device journey start / end and map zone - entry / exit
  • Secure online tracking platform of which is compatible with all smart phone and PC internet browsers
  • High sensitivity GPS receiver providing tracking capability in even the most hostile environments - where similar devices would fail
  • Map zones can be created for entry / exit alerts - based on both disc and corridor shaped. Also includes optional active time / date setup
  • Various reports - all date / time stamped
  • Uses AA size batteries for operation - allowing you to easily replace when required and thus not having the problem of replacing a faulty / hard to get battery
  • Low SIM card running cost due to efficient communications protocol
  • Large in-built flash storage memory - device will continue to record / store positional data and upload. This is ideal for situations where the GSM network SIM card loses signal coverage - due to environment or illegal GSM signal jamming
  • Compatible with all GSM network SIM cards
  • Aerial photography mapping
  • Multiple user access including grouping capability

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