Covert GPS tracking device with dual cameras / sound recorder and GSM remote monitoring

Covert GPS tracking device with dual cameras / sound recorder and GSM remote monitoring

This advanced and covert GPS tracking device can be installed within a target vehicle and will allow you to monitor the vehicles location, any conversations that maybe taking place and also view the live footage from 2 cameras in real-time.

The device has the ability to alert you using an SMS text message, 3G video call or a normal phone call upon any sound being detected from within the vehicle. We have also included automatic recording capability upon sound being detected, which will start recording sound and dual camera footage followed by sending these recording as an e-mail attachment direct to an e-mail address of your choosing.

You will be able to make a 3G video from a compatible smart mobile phone to the vehicle or a normal call to allow you to monitor both the sound and camera footage in real-time from anywhere in the world.

Video recordings and photograph snap shots images can be requested at any time using a simple SMS text message command; these recordings / images will be sent as an attachment to an e-mail address of your choice.

Due to its small and low profile design, it can be easily fitted in many locations such as behind the dash board etc. The device has an in-built battery back-up which is charged using the supplied vehicle power adapter allowing prolonged uninterrupted use.

The devices location and historical information can be monitored in real-time using our advanced website based tracking system, using your unique username and password login

Alerts can be based on both vibration (movement) and sound being detected which are both configurable using SMS text message commands.

Features include:

  • Covert low profile design providing greater flexibility of device location
  • Live and real-time monitoring from anywhere in the world both from your mobile phone and internet connected PC
  • Alerts based on vibration and sound detection with auto video and sound recording
  • Website tracking login allowing device real-time and historical data access
  • Dual cameras allowing 2 different areas of vehicle to be placed under surveillance
  • Internal rechargeable battery back-up which is charged using supplied vehicle power cable adapter
  • Removable SD memory card for direct data download to a PC or similar
  • Date and time stamped recordings for evidential proof purposes
  • Remotely configurable using simple SMS text message commands
  • Automatically stores all recordings and can automatically send these as an attachment to an e-mail address of your choosing
  • Configurable sound level alert threshold using an SMS text message so as to eliminate false alarms

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