Glasses with covertly non visible hidden camera recording capability

New Glasses with covertly non visible hidden camera recording capability

Unlike other similar designs, we have designed these (plain glass) glasses to include a proprietary completely covert hidden camera. Our battery powered and wearable covert camera can not only capture video but at the same time sound / audio.

The glasses themselves are of a generic design and thus will not arouse any suspicion to the person(s) whom you wish to record.

These glasses are powered via an internal and re-chargeable battery and can provide up to an impressive 60 minutes of constant recording! This is is accomplished using our unique battery power saving algorithm technology.

Our covert camera spy glasses will allow the user (wearer) to to initiate (or disable) recording via a simple push of a button and thus making them extremely user friendly.

We have designed our covert spy glasses to include an impressive HD internal camera sensor module. This sensor is capable of providing second to none, video capturing capability.

Not only will our glasses provide video capture; they will also allow you to take an instant photo snap-shot as and when required using a simple button press.

All recordings and snap-shots are stored onto a (covertly hidden) removable micro SD card, allowing the user to easily extract the date / time stamped recordings - in order to locally view or forward them to a 3rd party for evidence purposes.

Features include:

  • Universal / generic design - whilst using plain glass lenses, allowing them to compatible with multiple wearers
  • Camera lens is hidden - covert and not a simple visible pin hole
  • In-built re-chargeable battery - utilizing a hidden micro USB charging interface. And with up to 1 hours of continuous recording 
  • Easy start /  stop recording - via a simple hidden button push
  • All recording date and time stamped - allowing additional data to be included as evidence
  • Removable micro SD card - compatible with an impressive 32Gb memory card capacity. Please note that an 8Gb memory card is included free of charge

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