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Sound activated recorder with Wi-Fi and auto-send plus real-time listening

Sound activated recorder with Wi-Fi and auto-send plus real-time listening

The device can be configured to automatically activate recording based on sound detection including the ability to set a specific time window for when recording should be active e.g. between 1pm and 18:30pm on a Tuesday etc..

All recorded files are date and time stamped for evidential proof purposes and are also encrypted using the advanced AES encryption algorithm which means only you will be able to access the recordings. Sound is stored in a compressed file format which allows substantial more recording time than similar solutions.

This voice recorder is powered by an internal battery back-up and can be powered indefinitely using the supplied mains power adapter.

We can build this device into various items. Please contact us if you require further information.

Please note that we also have an optional GSM / 3G connectivity module for our unit. This is ideal for situations where you either may not have access to the router at the target location or if you don't know the routers wireless password or if there is no router at all at the target location. If this is of interest then please contact us.

Features include:

  • Covert low profile design which can be integrated within various equipment
  • Voice / sound activated recording
  • Remotely accessible using Wi-Fi including over the internet and / or a direct Wi-Fi connection to any PC which is within range of the device
  • Remotely access and download of recorded file(s)
  • All recordings date and time stamped for evidential proof purposes
  • Configurable recording activation scheduler e.g. allowing unit to be set to record between 1pm and 18:30pm on a Tuesday etc
  • Battery powered with external power adapter connection for uninterrupted and prolonged use
  • Intelligent recorded file compression for increased recording capacity
  • Removable SD memory card for direct data extraction to a PC or similar
  • FTP server compatible allowing recordings to be automatically sent
  • In-built high sensitivity microphone with optional wired external microphone
  • Optional 3G / 4G mobile WiFi module - for areas where access to a local WiFi network is not possible - please see options above in order to purchase
  • Optional custom build

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  • Product Code: UKSE-WMR-009
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  • £295.00

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