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Auto Record Audio Recorders > Worlds Smallest Advanced Audio Surveillance Recorder

Worlds Smallest Advanced Audio Surveillance Recorder
Currently viewing: Worlds Smallest Advanced Audio Surveillance Recorder from UK Spy Equipment
Product ID: 00122

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  Worlds Smallest Advanced Audio Surveillance Recorder
This miniture Audio surveillance Recorder is the smallest and most advanced device currently available and is packed with latest technology including cutting edge digital audio processing (DAP) / re-sampling technology.

The unit is capable of both continuous recording and power saving / Audio Detection auto-recording. When in power saving mode this device will only start recording whenever sound is detected above a pre-configured threshold. This not only saves power but also saves you having to trawl through excessive non activity / silence in order to find the evidence that matters.

Our new little device boasts wide band audio filtering technology providing you with 100% audio reproduction when playing back or listening to captured audio.

As you can see from the size in the image, it really is the smallest and most professional Audio surveillance Recorder available in the world and due to it's size and audio pick-up sensitivity it can be easily hidden just about anywhere.

Features include:
  • Ultra small miniture size and dimensions (29x12x15mm), allowing easy and Covert surveillance
  • Auto record with associated power saving for long term use and recording based on actual activity
  • In-built 300 hours audio recording flash memory accessible via supplied mini USB data transfer cable
  • High quality metal enclosure
  • Long re-chargeable / internal battery life providing upto 25 hours on continuous record or 140 hours on sound detection recording mode
  • High quality recorded sound reproduction due to in-built digital sound processing technology
  • High sensitivity microphone for increased audio pick-up / sound capture
  • Easy to use / one button operation

Package includes:

  • Miniture Audio surveillance Recorder
  • Mini USB data transfer cable
  • Software application
  • User guide

Avg rating: Not yet rated
Our Price: 390.00

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